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The Renewable Energy Kit is designed to make understanding of renewable and sustainable "green" energy generation an exciting and tactile experience using solar, wind, and water power! For indoor or outdoor use, this resource comes in a modular format with 4 interchangeable monitors to show differing outputs from the 4 interchangeable power heads (one base).

Designed specifically for the rigors of classroom use, the Renewable Energy Kit includes suggested activities and general teacher's information. Made of high-impact plastic, the base is 7" x 10", the maximum height is 20", monitors are 3" in diameter and the kit includes 20 feet of clear tubing for the water module.

Kit includes:
• Wind Turbine
• Water Turbine
• 2 Water Turbine Pipes (1 Inlet, 1 Outlet)
• Solar Panel
• Universal Base
• Universal Mast Section
• Output Dials (Power Meter, Light Display (LED), Alarm/Buzzer, and Motion Display (Gears))